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15 February, 2005

Make them laugh within 1500 words

Just noticed this one. The Sulekha/Penguin Global Writing Contest - India Smiles
Ever dreamed of getting published by Penguin or making an easy lakh! Well, the opportunity is at hand.

The easiest and shortest way to get your writing published by the most distinguished publisher in the world and gain fame on the most popular online community/network in the world is by entering the global Sulekha-Penguin 'India Smiles' contest.

Write and submit an original humorous short story (word limit: 1500 words). Hurry...deadline is Feb 28, 2005.
The contest is judged by an eminent jury, which will include Khushwant Singh, Farouque Sheikh, Ruskin Bond, Geetha Doctor, Anita Nair, Ashok Mahadevan, Sushila Ravindranath.


Anonymous online freelance writing jobs said...

have you purchased or read the book "India Smiles : Winning Entries From The Humour Contest"? Oh its brilliant! I fell in love with it straight away. Its a book which includes all the best stories submitted to the contest!

If you have not read it yet you should! it will definitely put a smile on your face!


19 January, 2009 04:20  

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