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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

14 February, 2005

Shoot him dead!

He’s fat and old that cupid.
Perfectly rhymes with stupid.
Why else would I be,
In love with so many,
Gorgeous wrong men?

I’d be dripping in diamonds,
Drinking loch lomond,
Sampling exotic cuisine,
In a luxury limousine!
Had his aim been right.

I’m teary eyed instead,
Over Bill and Ted,
Both still tied, poor things,
To their mums' apron strings.
What a waste!

I’m sighing nights over,
For the married lover.
To come by, to make time
And stop this silly rhyme,
With his kiss.

As for the computer whiz,
Was no good at this love biz,
Needed an http slash slash
So he wouldn’t make a hash,
Of simple loving.

The poet was my fault entire,
Tho his words I did admire,
His demeanor and clothing,
Was made for loathing!
Which I did.

So tie him up this valentine,
This cupid’s no friend of mine!
Teddy bears, roses make me sick,
Stab him slowly with an ice pick,
Or just shoot him.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please don't blame the Cupid, he is sooo cute. Crude desires do not require cupid's arrow. hpy.

14 February, 2005 09:40  
Blogger annie said...

Cupid's just being his daddy's son
with vicious Venus egging him on,
Don't listen to the brat!
Can't you see that
love-business is the ultimate con?

14 February, 2005 16:25  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

This five-line verse with an aabb rhyme pattern in the first four forces you to read in a particular way. You have to draw you breath in before commencing each verse because, I think, the fifth line is so crisp, it forces a break.
These special effects (:)) make you want to read out the poem again.

17 February, 2005 12:22  
Blogger Xohra said...

Good luck wid love, wot a sad poem!

01 January, 2006 04:16  

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