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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

11 February, 2005

A story.

For a moment our eyes met
and a million questions arose
behind a veil, a story peeked, waited to be told
so many faces, so many stories, so many worlds
all colliding with each other
for moments to unfold.

Every moment that collided, intersected and intertwined,
drew a venn diagram of life ; an intersection of
separate lives lived intensely and infinitely as one
only to have to go on living
in separate worlds.

And our story
had no beginning and so no end
just for a moment had our eyes met
and so for now, my story and yours too, separate yet intertwined
will have to wait to unfold.



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Lovely one, Pincushion! Your last stanza is particularly well phrased!

11 February, 2005 23:32  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

I know this hasn't been done before on caferati, but I strongly feel you should have added the picture with the poem - would have added more weight to this piece! Not to mention that it would have been a new experiment on caferati - after all poetry and painting are both forms of art aren't they?

12 February, 2005 12:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice... this reminds me of a poem by Seth... about two people in a library... dont get the name rt now though...

All the same beautifully put...


13 February, 2005 22:14  
Blogger Ashish Gorde said...

I dont know what was the motivation behind the poem or if there was a painting that inspired you to write this poem but, as someone living in the Middle East, I could immediately connect with this poem and understand it in context with my cultural situation. Sorry for the long sentence though.

15 February, 2005 17:44  
Blogger Pincushion said...

Speckled band - Thank you very much !

Geetanjali - Ahhh, I wouldn't posting my paintings on Caferati, and yes especially the one that I drew to go with this verse but I am not quite sure if such a thing would be considered appropriate ? Perhaps there are certain rules regarding this ? But nonetheless thank you very much for suggesting it and for caring ! Thank you so much my dear :)

Alien - Thank you ! Glad you liked it :)

Ashish - Ahhh the painting was mine :)and it was drawn as a result of the verse not the other way round ! I am glad you could 'connect' to the poem and hey you don't have to apologise for anything, least of all a lenghty comment ;-). Thank you.

16 February, 2005 00:46  

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