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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

13 February, 2005

Voices of Dissent

A wild sky
Like freshly drawn blood
Compels loss of reason
In the dark hordes below

I hide in the corners
Scared of the mad mob
Sitting in the ivory towers
And directing the masses below

Where is common sense?
Hiding like me is it?
While a select few
Commit humanity’s worst crimes

Solemn voices of dissent
Wiped out-
Without second thoughts
For a few more millions

Natives of the land
Endangered species, conservation
Ha ha! A big joke!
There is only one maxim
Only one bitter truth
More profits, more money

No spare thoughts
For the downtrodden
For the suffering
After all-
They are nothing new
But only-
Stale news
Always there in the background
It is bad manners
To talk about them




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