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14 February, 2005

Fate Of The Alien

Fate Of The Alien

We three kids had this unspoken understanding
grown-up wisdom,
is all faff and froth.

During an orgy of painting watercolours at home
a sparrow
from a pecking cluster
across the road, flew right in
hit the ventilator
and fell in a faint....

We sprinkled
the multihued water
from the common tub
the poor bird
with a surprised jerk
fluttered back to life
limped across the caressing hands
and stumbled back into
the fold of gorging fiends
-who promptly
pecked it to death.

A house sparrow touched by human hands
invariably gets lynched
- the wisom dawned up on us,
a little late like a lazy and lost sun
during the raining season.

We abandoned painting
for a bout of Cricket.

(c) Max Babi Feb. 2005

Also read at the caferati 13th Feb. 05 readmeet.



Blogger Geetanjali said...

The fate of the sparrow reminded me of the position of the Diasporic people - diplaced into the new lands, theyy don't feel at home there, yet when they return "home" they are outsiders.

A simple poem that could be read and interpreted at so many levels, as we realised yesterday! Brilliant!

14 February, 2005 21:54  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Geets,
Tks for the comment -yes, as we all saw yesterday at the readmeet there are multiple interpretations of a poem, all based on our own perceptions, attitudes and even depth of comprehension !
Haven't lately seen your writing here...

14 February, 2005 22:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Max--
Nice one...

Was looking forward to meeting you at the read meet, but I couldn't make it.

Any chance of meeting you before the next meet?


19 February, 2005 10:53  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hey Anon,
Sorry but I can't promise to meet an invisible indentity! Expose yrself a little bit, send me a PM.
Cheers !

26 February, 2005 20:03  

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