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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

18 February, 2005


Writing about spring can not be easy
For simple things make me feel queasy
Give me complex things any day friend
Total chaos can reveal a hidden trend.

It's spring time when the earth dons new robes
The roving bird alights on grass, and probes;
In the quietest corners one hears the bird song
-chirpy creatures do tend to flock and throng.

It's spring time when the tired mind rests
To look up on hilltops with fresh green crests
Fatigued thoughts falter, fall and go to sleep
Into a dazed stupor, inducing a slumber so deep.

It's spring when the footsteps fall lightly
Earth's soft exhalations also feel sprightly

It's when Mother Nature throws open the doors-
Springtime cleaning, let out the chaotic uproars...

(c) Max Babi February 2005.