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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

28 February, 2005


The Arabs ascribe black to Hate,
something I find most inadequate.

To their simple souls that lack of hue
doubtless covers well that dark virtue.

But I with my baroque mind
must seek a metaphor more refined

(some venoms, perhaps, that seem
pellucid as a mountain stream?):

a concept elegantly facile,
finely distilled, volatile...

to exquisitely sublimate
this magnificent thing called Hate.




Blogger annie said...

:-) and inspired by yours, here's a bit of my nonsense:

The Arabs wed in white, as well
as mourn in deep black,
for white and black, both may quell
fertile joy, passions flame -
Widows and brides, alike, learn a pious shame,
thus, and the heart must learn to cut some slack.

Across the Indus, Arabs found,
in luscious green, torn-flesh red,
'Indu brides - black-ankled, proud!
Blood met blood, with flaming vigour;
marriage, in 'Industan, was red, de rigeur.
White, or black, is reserved for loves dead.

28 February, 2005 13:36  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

And when you, my dear, so interdict,
Who am I to contradict? :)))

28 February, 2005 13:44  
Blogger Pincushion said...

'to exquisitely sublimate
this magnificent thing called Hate.'

ahhh, such an exquisite 'distillation' of this emotion of hate, could it be that, now it too is a 'many-splendoured' thing and now holds sway ??!! Ensuring that foolish love washed away....
Its bull's eye, yet again, Mr. Speckled Band :)
Keep 'em coming !

28 February, 2005 19:56  
Anonymous Ph said...

Perfect, as always. You my dear friend are an inspiration.

28 February, 2005 21:48  
Blogger Pragya said...

And I agree with Ph!

01 March, 2005 09:06  

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