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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

19 March, 2005


The desert sun
The scorching eyes
The sweltering heat
The parched throat
The burning eyes
The trudging feet
The tired soul
The distant horizon
The bleak expanse
The absent greenery
The silent trance
The usual mirage
The rising hope
The quickened pace
The non-existent oasis
The futile effort
The shattered hope
The engulfing quicksand
The gaping hole
The thorny cacti
The piercing truth
The bleeding finger
The sudden dawn
The love or
The illusion?

(c) 1997 Praneeta Paradkar

Read at the Pune readmeet on 13th Feb, 2005 at Max's place



Blogger livinghigh said...

the sequence is so true... heartbreakingly so. ;-)

20 March, 2005 13:18  

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