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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

05 October, 2005


I ride on the gossamer wings of dawn
Watching the world below slowly wake up
The dark tendrils of the night softly withdraw
Leaving a pale blue light in their wake

Grey clouds move in stately fashion
Their edges lit up by invisible sun rays
Dead shadows spring to life with a passion
As a soulful morning tune plays

Around me a soft wind blows
Gathering old memories in its gentle embrace
Isn’t this how time flows?
Erasing old yesterdays without a trace

Shining dew drops drip down the eaves
While a fresh and clean smell pervades the air
As trees shake sleep out of their leaves
Birds trill gay secrets, old and rare

The best part of the day
Gently moves aside for the rising sun
With vague promises of another bright day
Arise! The king has started on his majestic procession