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29 November, 2005

(Poem) To You from Me

(Previously posted this day this year to the Caferati Message Board)

To you from Me:

To the present You
from the absent Me,
I shall write a missive
filled with longing,
and a aching dullness
that covers every inch of my heart.

To the vivdly remembered You
from the widly imaginative Me,
I shall write a soppy letter
filled with happiness
and delirious joy
that encompasses all thing physical

To the undoubtedly passionate You
from the strugglingly inadequate Me,
I shall write an application
of submission, of requisition
for the necessary skills I need
to cover you with the satisfaction you deserve

To the brilliantly astute You
from the sometimes surprisingly naive Me,
I shall write a long and winding letter
that covers up all my frailties
and tries to wind around a million corners,
and skirts the issues that hound me all day

To the soft and gently soothing You
from the brash, and often uncouth Me,
I shall write a request
of understanding, of compassion
of togetherness, of uncompromising friendship
and of a bond that will endure

Including You and Me.





Blogger vidyanjali said...

This is brilliant! A poem that captures the ramblings of a divided self, into you and me and longing for completion, for unification of the inner self...

17 December, 2005 15:01  

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