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coffee and pen

14 April, 2006

pssst! wanna become a hollywood co-producer?

when i first heard the word 'co-producer' i fell off the chair laughing. was it something like a 'co-sister' or even 'co-brother'? i looked at the serious faces around the table and stopped. the lawyer wasn't laughing, and neither was the accountant.

so this is what it means to have your film thrown open to all.

i have been through endless meetings where words like 'co-producer' have been created, debated upon and finalised after having gone through a legal seive. i have grabbed my share of re-fried samosas and bit into fried green chillis to stay awake at these meetings. whoever thought making a movie was all fun and games and a giant session on the casting couch has never really created a film.

and this is even before we get anywhere near a mahurat shot.

and yes, you can become a co-producer. for as little as a hundred dollars, you get to see your name in the list of credits, and more (the fine print is online for you to read!).

the story is a cocktail of culture and crime, and i hope you will become a part of this film.

here's the link to the blog of the film, and you can get on to the website from there.