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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

05 April, 2006


I stood under the waterfall,
With fingers in my ears,
Listening to its song.

I drank the freshness,
Until something melted,
And the waterfall became me.

I smile when my toes
Curl around the rocks,
Made smooth by the song.

Wasn’t it but yesterday
When I had tentatively stepped,
Upon the sharp edges?

Should I stick out my tongue
To taste the waters,
And interrupt eternity?

The words of the song
dappled by the midday sun
Have long since washed away.

But every time I close my eyes
And breathe your name,
I am song, I am waterfall, again.



Blogger suniti said...

Absolutely lovely. What more can I say?

05 April, 2006 11:20  
Blogger Natasha said...

Fresh, crisp and breathtakingly beautiful.

Loved it!
Manisha, more of these please, ...:o))


05 April, 2006 11:29  
Blogger hawk lady said...

just for a minute, I became a waterfall! lovely..

05 April, 2006 19:38  

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