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28 March, 2006

The Sound of Caferati

And now *fanfare* for the first time, those of you who couldn't be at the last Bombay read-meet can hear some of the readings. The number next to each link is the file size in bytes.

Prema - Yati Doshi 1216512
One of them Princess Stories - Rohinton Daruwala 1495040
The Dating Game - Jane Bhandari 102400
Mr Anonymous - Archana Sankaran 90112
Little Girl In Red Frock - Mukul Dutta 251904
Life - Aditi Sharma 256000
I Kissed Her - Ravi Abhyankar 2338816
Fate's Design Suniti Joshi 2177024
Erotic Afternoon - Tejas Datta 149504
Cliche - Mukul Dutta 165888
The Performance - Rahul Mitra 2598912

And you can bookmark (or point your feedreader to  for future reference. Will use that space to upload more media files in future.