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01 April, 2011

CaPoWriMo 2.01

Pick any three words that you find intriguing and use them in a poem.

They have to be slightly unusual, not the ones you use everyday. You cannot say 'call' or 'office', for instance. But you can use 'haul' or 'tomb'.

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Blogger Mukta said...

I wrote! I wrote! :-)

01 April, 2011 03:42  
Blogger nutty said...

So did I :)

01 April, 2011 10:26  
Blogger david jairaj said...

Finger horses

My fingers
On your feet, nose, neck and hands
Wild horses
Galloping free on forbidden lands

(the three words are - wild, galloping and forbidden)

01 April, 2011 11:09  
Blogger Ozymandias said...

My link:

01 April, 2011 16:47  
Blogger D said...

Colorful thoughts striving to fill in the ever expanding void
Tears and emotions flow aplenty
Snoozing the reminders
Reminiscence still aglow
Confounded and befuddled
Musing and mulling
Over the present and what would be the future
Alone in a crowd
Trying hard to make someone proud
Exultations and expectations
Incongruously conniving condescending
Leave me numb

(three words - exultation, muse, incongruous)

01 April, 2011 19:36  
Anonymous Shrutanne said...

Links don't show up as hypertext on the blog. I think it would be better if people post their poems directly. anyways, here's mine!

(it has too many unusual words, not just 3!!)

The Pensieve

Strands of thoughts swirl madly
with unbridled energy. Stray-
fore and after-thoughts gush
in random confusion. Melancholy
and hope conjoin in the mind's
magical potion. They overspill.
Dumbledore's Pensieve cannot contain them and
They escape into air as effervescence.

03 April, 2011 15:49  
Anonymous Dheera Kitchlu said...

Hope, Passion
Cherishing, seeking, consoling
A tormented storm at sea

10 April, 2011 19:40  

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