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08 April, 2012

CaPoWriMo 3.08

Write a poem about renting a room or subletting one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paint-peeling walls
Measuring eight feet by seven
Cobwebs nesting in dingy corners
Protruding with bulging bags
This room was a stranger
Encroaching upon me
With its scoured impersonality.

The stranger became a friend
We talked twenty four-seven, the walls
And I. Dressed in bedsheet, tablecloth
Curtains, it became a haven caressing
Friends, anxieties, and tired eyes.
A refuge away from poking noses
And prying stares.

In another few months
I must leave this home, stuff
Topsy towers of books and clothes
Into dusty bags, Squeezing memories
And a full heart into zips and side-pockets.
And move to other strange walls, something
By something, but always paint-peeling.

Subletting my life for some four or five thousand a month.

08 April, 2012 16:05  

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