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coffee and pen

25 September, 2004

Digital Dilemma

I’ve used Google.
And Yahoo too.
Looked at FAQs,
And failed.
So now I’m asking you.

When you delete words,
Backspace them, you know
Pausing over the ‘cut’ icon,
I wonder where they go?

As little zeroes and ones,
Do they simply float around?
Do they form self-help groups,
Are they gagged and bound?

I wonder if we could help them,
Redirect them to pages.
Put them up on e-bay,
Recycle them in stages.

Send cuss words to comics,
Adjectives to page three,
Scandalous ones to tabloids,
Misspelt ones come free.

Let’s create an ‘at’ address,
For alphabets cruelly cut
A perfect resting place
For every extra ‘and’ and ‘but’.



Blogger zigzackly said...

Glad you finally got over them tech hurdles. And what a cool debut. More soon i hope? Maybe some of the stuff you read at Andheri?

26 September, 2004 03:19  
Blogger rats said...

great stuff

26 September, 2004 17:38  
Blogger Prakriti said...

This was just too good to be true!

I have a morbid fear of deleting words that have formed. Somehow feels like a betrayal to a new born!

Absolutely beautiful, mademoiselle. Absolutely beautiful!

28 November, 2004 12:41  

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