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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

26 September, 2004

Love Poem

I have come to a conclusion
Or maybe it came to me,
That falling in love
Has altered my chemistry.

My mind has lost a bit
Of control, don’t you see?
My heart blissful now
Shows a softer side to me.

The cares they remain
But the burden’s gone,
I erase the worry lines
Laugh lines get drawn.

Flying without wings
A chain that sets you free,
Dazzled by the moonlight
I’m still exploring me.

Unfettered by space
Unchecked by time,
Altho’ my spirit is free
I feel bound to write in rhyme.



Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Manisha,
what relief to see yr work here... and I think this piece is unforced, it flows like a serene stream, in the pristine glory of the Himalayas... tho it is rhymed, rather a suspect activity -rarely handled with such verve and vim.
Great piece : do let us have a glimpse into your treasures!

26 September, 2004 23:46  
Anonymous pigshitpoet said...

in honour of your amorous discovery, i would highly like to recommend this peter sellers song from the millionairesse with sophia loren called goodness gracious me! love your poem. :)

19 August, 2008 08:24  

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