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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

18 November, 2004

the search for prince charming

this was written for a friend of mine who is searching for an ideal man... if this description fits someone you know, please do tell me, so i can tell her there is hope for her still.. comments would be welcome...:)

so well then if a grim man it is for you,
then a grim man we shall find...
someone who's a little profane,
but not in the least bit unkind..

ofcourse a beard he shall grow,
long and lustrous down to his knees;
and when he curls up his upper lip,
the sparkle of gold we shall see! (rich man he seems!!!)

a slimy person he shall not be,
a gentle giant he is...
a charmer to the core,
and ofcourse, a science whiz.. (do i hear you say, newton??)

undaunted by the trials of life with you,
understanding he shall have,
and when the wounds of life are deep,
he shall provide you a salve..

a house in a country he'll possess,
and one in every town,
and for your wedding, he will make you wear..
Cinderella's dressing gown.. hahaha

no friends linger for long about him,
craved for companionship is he.
To release him from this unsightly plight,
he will look to you beseechingly...

to the arts and craft of the actor's guild,
you will have to introduce him
and explain to him, that to be of creative genius,
he must follow your little whims (won't that be convenient!)

you must take him gently by the hand,
and lead him upstream in life,
and take him back through his ups and downs,
as would any decent wife...

and back and forth then you two can go,
trading your old sob stories..
sharing your grief on a common platter,
dissolving your woes and worries...

well ducking and weaving under a million tombstones
during confession would be a definite feature...
but the acceptance of it all and then some more,
is what makes blackbeard such a lovable creature (to you)

and the usual means of thankfulness
would be quite reciprocal..
just make sure you don't bring down the roof
or disturb any of the locals...

baa baa blackbeard, have you any wool?
yes shets, yes shets, three moustaches full

one for your bedroom, one for your window pane,
and one for your mangy cur who whines down the lane (me...aaaoooowwwww)





Blogger Geetanjali said...

Hilarious stuff - if your friend actually manages to find her ideal man, do let the rest of us, who are searching for him, know that! I have started believing those who say that the best men are either already taken/booked, or gay! ;-)

18 November, 2004 11:48  
Blogger Pranay the Srinivasan said...

hey there,

i hope i have been able to combine all three elusive qualities in blackbeard without compromising on his manliness :D


18 November, 2004 13:11  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

Hilarious! And if that's what you wanted to achieve, here's a big pat on the back for you. Sounds very spontaneous and almost plausible in the beginning but in decreasing degrees as you go to the end. The end is like someone pulling the carpet from under your feet!

18 November, 2004 21:26  
Blogger Max Babi said...

hey Pranay,
Do you by any chance strum a guitar?
Most of your rhymed ditties seem
eminently singable...if you do not,
catch hold of some out-of-work guitarist
and start performing at shows...
great lyrics to amuse an increasingly
getting-stressed population.

All the best!


19 November, 2004 12:17  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

pranay dahling, delete the ha-ha s...some of us do know when to ha ha...

write another one! you owe us coffee for falling down more than a couple of notches fromthe mountain called esteem

miss your real rhymes...

19 November, 2004 13:31  

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