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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

16 November, 2004


I took a walk
The unseen corners
Of my temple of learning

Along the way
I saw
Rusting wheel barrows
And red termite hills

There were

Silvery-white towers
Unearthly tunes

I observed

Distant explosions and
Flying rocks
Twisting the landscape
Into cruel metaphors

Objects seen
In the diffused evening light
Appeared in different dimensions
Portents of imminent collapse

I turned back
To spread the word
Handed down to me
By a frowning Gaia

Before it became too late




Blogger Geetanjali said...

Gaia must definitely be unhappy with what we've made of her Earth...i'm almost certain that's how she views the "progress" mankind has made in the last few centuries. Sometimes when I stop to think what we're doing I'm almost tempted to run and unplug the refrigerator and all other lectronic applinaces I use, stop using those chemical products - but convenience has ruined me as well. The only positive action I take is to avoid using plastic bags and not litter..small efforts but I hope they contribute...

16 November, 2004 17:22  
Blogger Anil said...

Geetanjali: You are totally right...we ourselves who would like to think are aware of such things use up so much energy and produce so much waste thats its unbelievable. There's one website that calculates how much of the earth's resouces each one of us uses approx. and I was shocked to see that I personally would need 4.5 earths/biomes to maintain my lifestyle, which I thought was as far as possible environmental friendly as I use only public transport and do not use so much electricity!!

16 November, 2004 23:12  

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