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coffee and pen

10 November, 2004

I have a craving for insults

Because I desperately crave your insults
Again and again I come to you.
I have a craving for insults.

When first we met, you beat me black and blue
But here I am again
I have a craving for injury.

You call me in with mirages in your closed fist
"Fame, Frienship," I hear you mumble
I have a craving for mirages.

These days I can sense you from afar
And tailwagging I come.
Yes, I have a craving for insults.



Blogger Max Babi said...

hey Khuto

this is a lovely poem
sounds almost like a popular
ditty, may be some musician
could put it to music...
great sound.


11 November, 2004 00:06  
Blogger jivay said...

Hey Khuto...
This reminds me of that old college Joke, It goes like this...

"know what the Sadist said, when the Masochist pleaded with him saying, 'hit me, hit me!!!' ?

'NO!!!!! NEVER!!!!


11 November, 2004 10:40  
Blogger rats said...

oflate i have become a rhymer( if such a word exists) hence i look for rhymes..... none in your pome.
good one this one, it seems to identify with the kind of person you become at times. terse too, i like that. good non rambly poetry khuto!!

11 November, 2004 13:03  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

I liked this one alot!
To me, it speaks of the constant dilemma of a writer; criticism (insults) may not be great for the writer's ego, but they spell attention. And what is a writer is his/her work isn't noticed?
<< "Fame, Friendship" I hear you mumble...">> - the writer's dream of eventual success and adulation?

I may be reading too much into it - tell me if I'm way off the mark!

11 November, 2004 22:43  
Blogger Pragya said...

Accolades and excoriation, in equal measure, is what it's all about, just like Rats' different shades of red!Keep coming back, please!

12 November, 2004 07:05  

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