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10 November, 2004

And there was this time i dropped my Lonely Planet guide on my toes...

Lonely Planet has a writing contest open:
Some of life’s funniest experiences happen on the road. Whether they take the form of unexpected detours, unintended adventures, unidentifiable dinners or unforgettable encounters, these experiences can give birth to our most profound travel lessons and illuminations, and our most memorable – and hilarious – travel stories. is looking for humourous stories of exceptionally high literary quality that illustrate this theme. We are especially interested in stories that fall under one of four themes: Food, People, Accommodation and Transportation. But if you have a wonderfully funny story that doesn’t fall neatly under any of these, we also have a fifth category – Miscellaneous – created just for you.
Submissions must be original, unpublished stories of from 1,000 to 3,000 words, and must be received by Nov. 30, 2004. All entries will be read by a panel of Lonely Planet editors. Winning entries will be announced and published on
There are also cash prizes ranging between US$25 and US$100. Go here for more details, and here to enter. [Via Random Notes]


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