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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

09 November, 2004

tonight, i am red

tonight, i am red.
asian paints, colour of love red;
vermillion on the forehead red;
sunset skies, port wine red;
devilish lingerie red;
ruby red;
merawala red;
happily ever after red.
i think of the other times
when i was red.
red with shame,
begging you not to leave me.
red with rage,
with the way i have
treated me.
blood red;
gore red;
out damned spot red.
red then,
and still red now.
red , still red,
shades changed



Blogger Pragya said...

I really admire your style, always.

Especially liked this poem. I have a lot of admiration for writing with which I can identify. Writing that can help me make sense of my days, my life. Different shades of red, different moods, different perspectives from day to day, I love it!

09 November, 2004 20:16  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

This is simply red!

I like the way you play around with so many emotions in a single colour. I also like the way you pulled out everyday instances, like "asian paints, colour of love" which comes on TV so often. It seems to corroborate your last poem, "poetry revised" where you say that poetry comes to you in all places. Yes, poetry is flowing out of you (in red streams?)

09 November, 2004 21:37  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Rats,
somehow I visualize you
as a healthy playful fish
bobbing up and down in an
ocean of electric poetry
-with this one you just bobbed up !

cheers !

09 November, 2004 23:10  
Blogger jivay said...

And I am going all red with pride at these comments to my wife's pome...

10 November, 2004 12:04  
Blogger Pye said...

Loved this one! Tight, not a single spare word anywhere, perfect. I especially liked the way the lines were longer and more easy, lazy, when the poem started... then getting terse and short as the conflict comes in. Very good.

10 November, 2004 19:22  
Blogger Gama said...

This are different kinds of red indeed, I loved every line.

11 November, 2004 00:52  
Blogger atreyee said...

Lojja ranga sindoor ranga
aar ranga krishnochoora
Ragnga je oi shanj aakashey
Oi je osthoraag
Konna,taar cheyo ,raanga tomaar
Altar oi daag....

Rats..this has left deep red crayon marks on my heart!

17 November, 2004 21:51  
Blogger rats said...

atrayee translate that
everyone needs to read it

05 December, 2004 19:28  

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