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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

11 November, 2004


To you who wandered by this night
Of happiness and warmth and light,
Here's a wish for you, a hearty
Diwali wish from Caferati:

More chances taken, with a smile;
More craft, and skill, and strength, and style;
More words read, by more words smitten;
More words found, more words written;

More stories applauded by all those who
Make a difference to the inner you;
More verses that scan, and illuminate
Our lives, our loves and the mortal state;

And forever after, may your diya
Light up the same scene, only happier.



Blogger Pragya said...

Thanks, never had a more elegant Diwali wish.


12 November, 2004 06:55  
Blogger Max Babi said...

hi ziggy

Neat wishes, very well written.
Feel like telling the world,
hey here are my sentiments, zigzackly!

cheers !

12 November, 2004 08:23  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

Almost see the Diyas floating around me in circles and giving me that warm feeling inside! Really pretty.

12 November, 2004 10:05  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Perfect, mon ami!

12 November, 2004 12:27  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

Here's wishing everyone at Caferati (& their families) a spectacular Diwali & a Prosperous New Year!!!

12 November, 2004 14:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful rendering, there, P. You lit us up some with that! Diwali greetings, and warmest wishes. :-)


12 November, 2004 20:38  
Blogger Alien said...

May the lamps light up your life,
And you
Of those around you,
And in the light
I hope you find
Joy and happiness of every kind...

Here's wishing all of you out there

12 November, 2004 21:26  
Blogger jivay said...

One can't in one's life
Find absolute contentment,
But at the end of this piece,
for that one nanosecond, I felt absolute.


13 November, 2004 17:15  
Blogger khuto said...

Zigzackly great! Really liked it!

I think this poem deserves a better visual presentation.
As a literary page, I wish we could have more artistic freedom of playing with the visual form of our text on caferati. . .


13 November, 2004 19:19  
Blogger khuto said...

Following up on my comment just now I went
ahead and did a visual presentation myself ...
check this out to see the poem superimposed
on an image of some diyas that were lit in my
house yesterday night (I was in fact editing
my pictures from yesterday when I saw your
poem first, and had this image in the subconscious
when I wrote the last comment!!!)

(You'll have to cut and paste though it's the
same website - blogger
supports HTML links in its posts but not in its comments!)

13 November, 2004 19:37  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

more, more! tho i have to be contrary and say your love poems are far far superior...

14 November, 2004 09:31  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Pragya, Max, Sonia, DJ, Gee, R, Vij, Khuto, ML,

Thank you. Y'all are extravagantly, flatteringly kind.

Khuto, comment on your interpretation on your blog.

14 November, 2004 16:29  
Blogger annie said...

have told you already, but for the record, you get a distinction for this one :)

16 November, 2004 13:55  

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