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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

08 December, 2004

And I forgive him

At the end of a tedious evening
when he has drunk
and talked animatedly
(while I have sipped my wine
and perhaps scanned a few faces),
he looks across the room
with eyes that
want to go home with me.

And I forgive him
for leaving me to watch
the social two-step
which I think he
is a part of.

Driving home, he pours out
the day's details of this and that
of 'them' and 'him' and 'I'
(while I tune up the radio
and perhaps sing to drown his voice),
he sighs, midst incomplete feelings,
as if to say
only I can complete them.

And I forgive him
for living in a world
so different from mine
a world only
he belongs to.

He changes into his nightclothes
and as he walks
to the bedroom
(where we will read
and perhaps surf channels),
he says "Come on"
in a voice that
would be alone without me.

And I forgive him
for allowing me to think
through the day
what an unromantic
fool he is.



Blogger Max Babi said...

wow! what an intimate, crisp and honest portrayal
of the timeless man-woman relationship....
here's more power to your pen !

cheers !

08 December, 2004 16:16  
Blogger zigzackly said...

One of the most beneath-the-surface yet eloquent love poems i have read in a long, long time. Brava!

08 December, 2004 21:55  
Blogger . : A : . said...

Very honest and real. I especially like the last few lines:

"And I forgive him
for allowing me to think
through the day
what an unromantic
fool he is."

11 December, 2004 14:59  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

You have made the whole love equation seem so realistic. I enjoyed the form of this poem, particularly reading 'and I forgive them' as a kind of refrain.

13 December, 2004 00:29  
Blogger Sweta Samota said...

Cool. A nice read. I liked all of it.
Indeed, a lovely picture of love.

17 December, 2004 16:33  

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