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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

07 December, 2004

You who calls me back tonight

Once my heart beat one as yours,
Your breath and mine -- one song,
Your arms were mine only shelter
From the world. You knew that all along.

You stayed, but your eyes did rove,
So I knew you'd leave some day soon,
A broken heart, a dream or two
I packed, and left under the weeping moon.

I've walked a thousand miles alone,
Not without faltering sometimes,
I've had to be brave for myself
In strange places and even stranger climes.

Now that a cold winter is upon us,
I hear them say you seek me now,
My heart sings out a 'yes, perhaps!'
But the mind, 'not again, why, and how?!'

I once did hope you'd come after me,
I'd have forgiven you, you know,
For sweet hope she does live on,
Tho I'm buried in the cold cold snow.

(forgive me if i put my foot in the sawaal-jawaab door...i thought perhaps there was one such story waiting to be told...)



Blogger Sreekesh Menon said...

Love fades, We shine on.
Love hurts ,We hide the bruise.
Love has no soul, We find another soulmate.
Love dies , We live for another tomorrow.

07 December, 2004 10:37  

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