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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

12 January, 2005


don’t ask me questions
about longing.
look at my face.

i long to dissolve,
in your vastness.
to be nothing,
in your everything.

they say i will find you,
in the very longing.
in the anguish.
in the praying.

when is hunger, hunger?
when is thirst, thirst?
when is anguish, anguish?
when is prayer, prayer?

make me blind,
for i see veils between us,
when you created none.

make me deaf.
for i hear other voices,
when yours is the only voice.

make me dumb.
for i speak other words,
words other than your name.

take away every thought
every touch, that isn’t you.
but everything that isn’t
you, is also you, isn’t it?

so if the eluding is also you,
why am i drifting?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow !

12 January, 2005 17:19  
Blogger Dilfiza Khalfey said...

Straight from the heart....

12 January, 2005 19:29  
Blogger bikkuri-bako said...

superb. mirabai. dont let it go away!

12 January, 2005 20:10  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Hmmm...Why indeed???

12 January, 2005 21:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in awe of the fire brand personality and those beautiful words that make Manisha Lakhe!!


13 January, 2005 10:56  
Blogger Samita Aiyer said...

The closest to Rumi, I have ever read...and that says it all for me!

15 January, 2005 01:52  
Blogger jivay said...

You are the truest of Devotees...
God how I am jelous of that one whom you idloise...!

15 January, 2005 11:00  

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