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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

28 February, 2005


A splash of rain, a glimpse, a sigh...
A flash of pain, togetherness, you and I...

together, you and I, be good to me.
Please, mock me not, not my love and its inherent frailty.

Guide me gently, no lusty violent gusts,
teach me to float; tread the water, I must.

unconsciously drawn closer to the flame,
like an uncaring moth; in love, aren't we all fair game?

who must i brand the object of anger, of pestilence?
who must i mark a loser, the diluter of the essence?

the chime of the clock; the day ends now.
the road of life is dwindling; I must forge now somehow.

find another crutch; this one is old and haggard.
it's wood weak and rotten; it's wielder, weary and laggard.

go away, i beg you. Be good to me.
this shell i now inhabit, you will never again see.

spare yourself self-doubt, and the ensuing effort;
of rigorous self-flagellation constantly until it hurts.

Pain, Oh Pain, Why are you my constant friend?
Pain replies, ' My friend, you started what I must end'.




Blogger Anonymous Poet said...

I like this very much -- especially the last two lines, which pull it all together so succinctly.

"Pincushion" stopped by my site and commented on my poem "Rain." Your poem here reminds me a lot of that -- it captures a lot of the same emotions.

If you have the time at some point, stop by and let me know if you agree.

Take care and keep writing!

01 March, 2005 10:08  

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