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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

21 March, 2005


some nights when sleepless winds howl disconsolate
outside the peacock's cry echoes despair
the mind turns suddenly:
like a queen revealed when shuffling a pack of cards
i see your face. the rounded childlike cheeks
that I have held, the eyes through which
I have gazed into your soul
the life which I held then in my arms
now lost, overlaid with other loves. a pang flashes -
i wonder where in this world you roam
your feet in the sand on what empty beach,
getting wet in what rain, sitting by what window
your eyes dark with a lifetime of pain...
the fires I started but couldn't control
and in the end it burnt, burnt, burnt you up
and now that the memory no longer wells up in tears
i wonder if i am still there - somewhere -
like stars lost in the light of day:
see what a narcissist i am,
even now?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can quite understand that kind of narcissism.

22 March, 2005 10:16  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

Quite interesting - I had read this essay by an Objectivist, about how the concept of "love" is so narcissistic and how it's all about loing your ownself...

What's appealing about this poem, to me, is how it seems to echo that thought, and also how it cleverly turns around the image of the pining lover in the last two lines!

28 March, 2005 14:02  

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