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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

01 December, 2005

Time Stands Still over Govandi Station

A kite flutters,
On a high tension wire —
Against a stark blue sky.
Beggar and old mother huddle
On Govandi Railway Station —
The dirtiest station in the universe.

He shows her a plastic watch,
Smiles, “See I have time,”
She, old, gnarled, wrinkled,
Looks through beady eyes,
“I have no need for time.”

The kite flutters,
Time stands still over Govandi Station.

(This is something I wrote while waiting for a train on what is probably the dirtiest station in the universe – Govandi.)




Blogger suniti said...

Hi John,
nice to see this poem here. Dalip's suggestion on Caferati forun was good one. By removing 'Govandi station' from the title you will make this snapshop a universal one.

cheers :)

07 December, 2005 15:03  
Blogger John said...

Hi Suniti,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will post a re-write soon, hopefully.

Best :)


08 December, 2005 14:54  

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