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04 April, 2011

CaPoWriMo 2.04

Write a photo poem, based on any poem that you see often; it might be something on your screensaver, on your desk or on the wall at home.

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Anonymous shrutanne said...

written for Nabina Das' sketch "Mer-City"

I am a riverine nymph
with long black woman hair
and a forked-fishy tail
But my fishy tail won't swish.

Long ago, I was an earthly woman
my wild roving heart and spirit river-gazed
river-dreamt, river-walked
But now, my fishy tail won't swish

I river-talked, river-loved
and thought I could become the river
my dreams swam, my thoughts glided
But my fishy tail won't swish.

One full moon night, I climbed
out the window, downhill to the river
My heart laughing and singing with merfolk
But my fishy tail won't swish.

I puffed, I dragged, I sprouted
a tail of brick, it held me back
I could not reach the water
And my fishy tail won't swish.

Restless as a Byronic wanderer
between the river and the chains
On the yellow sands of the nodi Luit
But my fishy tail won't swish

07 April, 2011 11:38  
Anonymous Dheera Kitchlu said...

Warmth, comfort
Hugging, counseling, soothing
The honest voice of reason

10 April, 2011 19:46  

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