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26 September, 2004

Ahem, vagina blurbs !

Hi Caferati,

This is my blog for today, hours before my birthday, so if you want to throw brickbats, please hold them for 24 hours in the name of decency.

I have been meaning to dispel a cloud of thoughts that's been meandering in my brain since a week after having experienced an interesting event.

Picture this : a staid audience of about a thousand anxious parents of school kids, enjoying a show where kids dance and sing and frolic. Just before intermission, the chief guest, a very housewifely chief guest, a theatre personality gets up to address the quiet audience.

She tells us about the dual faux pas committed by a friend who was incidentally a chief guest at some other similar function. She chirped two illtimed quotes :
Mark Twain : I do not want schooling to ruin my education!
Oscar Wilde : I never allowed my schooling to interefere with my education....

Whilst the audience titters lightheartedly she drops her own bomb without a warning :-
There was this play The Vagina Monologues, which when banned in Chennai forced the director to explain, they have no vaginas in Chennai, only assholes.

Only I tittered and about a thousand pairs of eyes glowered. I liked the humour, let the rest be damned to hell. The audience treated me like a leper, with looks that could kill.

The thundering silence that greeted the chirpy lady's immaculate humour can only be described as a glacial avalanche wherein ice, pure and mindless ice buries everything in sight.

My amusement petered off soon enough, and I was left wondering, how thin is the line separating one man's humour from another's affront.

Human life never ceases to amaze me. I bet you got something to say about this !


Cheers !


Blogger rats said...

happy birthday max

and good writing here

27 September, 2004 19:53  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Rats

Mighty sweet of you to have commented...
I was apprehensive the icy silence will greet me again.


28 September, 2004 08:33  
Blogger John said...

Hi Max,

Serious thought on your birthday!

The writer could have called it "Yoni monologues" and it would perhaps have been more acceptable!



28 September, 2004 11:06  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi John,

I wished to write a review of the famous new novel Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho -however it seemed better to test the water by writing this anecdote. My feeling is, the fair sex is not at all interested in discussing gender issues and sex : the outspoken lady in my anecdotes gets utmost admiration from me. Would a change of name help in such circumstances? I doubt...


28 September, 2004 15:22  
Blogger atreyee said...

Maxxxxxxx- Happy Birthday to you! Tum ti tum! Please put in the tune !
BTW ...Just attended the V-Monologues at the Calcutta Crosswords and the response of my fellow audiences- not counting that of women like Aparna Sen and Noboneeta Dev -Sen ..aam aurats like yours truly and starched sari-clad matrons included ...was overwhelming! Calcutta is still very open minded to humour - must say!

02 October, 2004 12:01  

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