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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

28 September, 2004

Into the Void

(Not to be confused with a ong of the same name by M/s Ozbourne,Iommi and Co)

under the over and into the void
i understand naught of Plato and Freud

caught among the aging shortstops of glee
It must have been you, It sure wasn't me

complacent and defiant, subversive to the core
agreeably insane, washed up ashore

a protruding potbelly, a sign of the end
a creasing forehead, lots of worries to mend

hot blood stopped coursing through my veins
my body's revolting, stabbing aches and pains

undeniably entrapped, unsuitable I am
to embrace free verse; all i wrote was a sham

delusional poetry comes naturally to me
and ill-fated synonyms will my bane finally...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is a shortstop of glee?

01 October, 2004 09:42  

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