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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

18 December, 2004


Oh, how my breasts sag!
Cover them up in lycra rag,
Each eye carries a bag,
I think I look like a hag,
If I see my reflection I gag.

My big nose is forever runny,
Not a bone in my body is funny,
Personality not exactly sunny,
Might take mucho money,
To turn me into a Playboy bunny.

People give me a wide pass,
For my voice cracks glass,
And my vocabulary is crass,
I cover its ugliness, alas!
With hair colored brass.

Size nine adorn my feet,
Hips wide with cellulite,
My thighs chafe as they meet,
My knees crack as they greet,
Other knobby ones on the street.

My legs are short and stumpy,
My stomach is soft and lumpy,
A shoulder tic makes me jumpy,
My overall looks are frumpy,
Usually the dumped not the dumpee.

My butt is greasy with acne cream,
To armpit hair stick tulsi and neem,
To nightmares I turn your every dream,
Don’t read anymore, just scream,
“Hail, angel of low self esteem!”



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's once again summon up Maya Angelou's - Phenomenal Woman!

Tulsi and neem? Really?

18 December, 2004 21:22  
Blogger Max Babi said...


My faith in quality stuff
that rhymes is beginning to
rekindle... wonderful !

18 December, 2004 21:35  
Blogger dewdrop said...

reading this was so much fun! mucho respecto and admiration for you manisha :-)

19 December, 2004 05:07  
Blogger Dilfiza Khalfey said...

I will never forget this one, I still remember the time your read this at the read-meet and the fun that everyone was having as it was read again.
Finally its on the blog....

19 December, 2004 09:06  
Blogger Vijay said...

Very forceful. Great satire. So we need to exorcise some Angels too!

19 December, 2004 22:04  
Blogger Sweta Samota said...

I missed the read-meet. But not the poem. Thanks Manisha. A nice one!

20 December, 2004 11:21  
Blogger annie said...

'refreshing' is the word that comes to mind, manisha :)
err, and to echo anonymous... tulsi and neem!? hmm....

20 December, 2004 13:32  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

This made me smile all the way right through the end when it shot my brain with a little dose. Great exagerations - they make this poem fun to read. And you called this demon an angel!

20 December, 2004 18:43  
Blogger bashopou said...

i love reading ur mindblowing masterpieces.
hope u will continue your creative journey.

28 December, 2004 17:43  

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