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17 December, 2004

My Hummingbird

My Hummingbird

Sweet is that sound,
Fast are those wings.
Fly my birdie, fly away from me
My Hummingbird , fly away from me

No matter how far
Your little wings take you
Away from your lover
My Hummingbird, you will never be

The flowers that know your sound
Wait for you to flutter around
Your garden of love
My Hummingbird, frozen till you return

Oh my sweet summer bird
My beautiful feathered friend
Fly away from me
My Hummingbird , fly away from me



Blogger Vijay said...

Pray tell me
You spurn a fellow-being
So friendly.

If I do,
Fly away
Would that make you happy-

18 December, 2004 16:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

happiness and joy in watching your love fly high and grab her dreams , to let her fly high and if she falls be there to stop her fall.the hidden message and so beautifully expressed.loved the reference of the hummingbird.

18 December, 2004 20:50  

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