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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

15 December, 2004

Be with me

The thin mist
Is not me.
I’m behind it.
Will you not hear my voice?

The floating ice
Is not me.
I’m below it.
Will you not look deeper?

The aimless cloud
Is not me.
I’m above it.
Will you not look beyond?

The dust jacket
Is not me.
I’m inside it.
Will you not open the pages?

Won’t you sit down
By the warm fire
Of my words, and
Find out what is really me?



Blogger Max Babi said...

hey Manisha,
A spookily irresistible poem...
if there could be an intellectual
assembly of the spirits, they may
herald this as their anthem.

cheers !

15 December, 2004 23:05  
Blogger khuto said...

I am terribly impressed by ALL your poems. Recently, Need to Know, Jealous Coffee, and now, Be with me -- these three in particular have a similar style, with a refrain repeated in novel ways, building up to a climax. The first stanzas build up an expectation, and the later parts deliver... Some of this also holds for Snap Shots.

Then I spent some time going through your earlier work - Unfortunately the profile doesn't show November - and I think that some of this style is also there in
A New Story and Wish and Mixing Colours.

A different style can be seen in your Digital Dilemma and Haiku on Goa, which are very different in spirit, though the Haikus also feature a theme of repetition.

Anyhow -- thought I would write a short paean to your poetry and ended up wasting much longer than I thought!! Absolutely Fab stuff.

By the way, for me personally, your
For you is the best. Ultimately, beyond all the rhyme and the writer's craft, it is the power of the thought that counts...

I wanted to put links to the poems in this post but it kept saying that my HTML could not be accepted!!!!

15 December, 2004 23:56  
Blogger Ubermensch said...


16 December, 2004 09:10  
Blogger Sreekesh Menon said...

chase him less, he will be more
let him loose, he will move
play him less, he will love

16 December, 2004 10:16  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

I've thought on similar lines ever so often - but never put it half as eloquently! You steal my breath away with your words Madame! :-)

16 December, 2004 15:10  
Blogger Aradhita said...

tou·ché! You touched a chord here!

17 December, 2004 17:44  

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