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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

16 December, 2004

The Woman In My Car

The Woman In My Car

I took a woman in my car.
She had beautiful black hair,
Her lips, the color of red aurora in the night sky

I sat beside Her.
Listened and stole glances
like an Arabian thief in the dark.
And She noticed my fascination.

With an arctic-melting smile, She leaned over
Whispered into my ears -- "I love you."
And we sat listening to the silence

Roughness of the road
Speeding across the open
Hip hop on my lips
Shivers down my spine

She was perfect.
The Kohinoor diamond.
A Masterpiece.
My Mona lisa, My dream.



Blogger Geetanjali said...

Hmm...I guess you're trying to pay the woman a compliment here, but somehow all those descriptions seem to merely objectify her. You need to inject more feeling in your words, if you intend to move a woman with that verse. Atleast this one!

16 December, 2004 14:40  

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