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coffee and pen

16 December, 2004

Another Shy Young Poet....

Slipping away
Going down
My body
From my head
To my shoulders
Down my torso
To my feet
Going down
Slipping away...
And I have
This apathy
To hold on!!



Blogger Anil said...

Hmm...interesting...but Max who would want to hold on to apathy? And is it the same person as before?

16 December, 2004 23:02  
Blogger Max Babi said...

No Anil,

This is another more experienced blogger
who is new to us at caferati. I had promised
to highlight her poems sometime, long back.
She has gone thru' a series traumas recently.

Cheers !

17 December, 2004 08:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

max this is nice...
Shy poet should lift the veil...


17 December, 2004 12:31  
Blogger Max Babi said...

hi Susmita,

Let me post of couple of more poems
and then we shall request the veil
to flutter upwards...

cheers !

17 December, 2004 18:43  
Blogger perspective said...

hi anil,
Hope max doesnt mind me answering this.
maybe i didnt word my poem correctly anil, therefore you interpret that i would want to hold on to apathy.
I wanted to say that i had an apathy to hold onto what was slipping away from me...

thanks for the comments,

01 January, 2005 13:05  

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