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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

16 December, 2004

Disparate Dreams

It's your breath
That gives shape
To the love lining
My falling tear drops


Silence pours
Out of my palms
An offering of peace
To my distant goddess


You spoke and went
Leaving me there
To sift through the sands
For your vented words


Two full stops
And yet
My heart beats
The familiar rhythm


Your mouth
Wraps around my words
Rolling them around
Like fresh green grapes


I thought I felt
You yesterday
In a thought that
Kissed my lonely lips


I woke up
And thought of you
Sitting in a chair
Covered by
My blanket of love


It is evening
And I await
Your call-
My evening star



All the thrills of life
if distilled will not fill
my eyes with enough
tears to cry for a love
lost without you.


Trace my eyebrows
With your rhymes
As they arch over
Your words left unsaid



My voice remained
Inside your
Partitioned heart


I look in the mirror
To find those dreams
You carved
On my concave cheeks




Blogger manisha lakhe said...

who is the distant one? who is your evening star? whose vented words? which sands? who is this beautiful woman? absolutely wonderful, anil...another time i would have said overwhelm us slowly, but not today...

16 December, 2004 18:55  
Blogger Anil said...

Manisha: As always thank you so are a great source of encouragement. And I've to confess that your poetry is a great source of inspiration for me!

Hmm..I've to admit that I did not understand the latter half of your comment. Could you explain/clarify a bit? In the end coming to your questions...well they will have to remain unanswered....for now.

16 December, 2004 22:05  
Blogger Max Babi said...


Lovely minimalistic poems...
keep at it - you seem to be
coming up with good stuff.

cheers !

16 December, 2004 22:27  
Blogger annie said...

the last one's my favourite :)

17 December, 2004 14:37  
Blogger Anil said...

Max: Thank you for your kind words..I shall keep trying :)

Annie: Thank you :)

17 December, 2004 16:30  
Blogger sunil said...

What should I say, consistently wonderful or wonderfully consistent?

20 December, 2004 15:11  

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