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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

18 January, 2005

Blue & Silver kite


Standing by the blue lights
Looking over a mass of heads
I find her at the concert

I run
I stumble
I squash a few toes

A smile, a giggle
My stomach churns
That beautiful knotty empty feeling

The smell of her nape
The warmth of the hug
The lights dim down

Pagan Baul courts us
A gateway lights up
She fills my senses

A boat with fairy lights
Goes past
Shaking us in its wake

She gets up and walks
A bit
My phone beeps
“Lovely evening na…”

A connection made
The music plays
In our hearts

Standing by the blue lights
Looking over a mass of heads
I lose her at the concert

© Arjun Chandramohan Bali. 2005


“Left of the blue lights”
The message beeps
My head turns
I smile
He is here!

I hope I look alright
I run
No! I walk
To the left of the blue lights

Should I hug him?
Kiss him?
Or just shake hands?

My heart races
My skin tingles
There he is

Ohhh! he smells nice
A heartbeat
A hand squeeze
Smiles exchanged

Why do I see you so less?
You look older from the year gone by
The Baul sings about his home

We sit
We listen

Our hearts meet
And feet

You dance
I sway

A happy moment in time
A silver kite glides in the night sky

My dream breaks
My heart aches
I get up to go away

I walk
A bit slowly
And turn
Left Of the blue lights

© Arjun Chandramohan Bali. 2005



Blogger manisha lakhe said...

blue fairy lights, music...hmmm! and her viewpoint too! like i said, double whammy! why hide in the box bikkuri-b! tell tinkerbell you write poetry too!

18 January, 2005 14:22  
Blogger John said...

Atta boy Arjun, solful poetry, evocative too! I thought you wrote your lyrics on celluloid! Guess, I am badly mistaken!

By the way what does "Bikuri bakko," or whatever, mean?


21 January, 2005 16:01  

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