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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

13 January, 2005

Queen's Army

(Exhumed from mothballed repose, this one).

For you I strove, picking the flower
of every harvest’s flush. The commonwealth of words,
a rowdy lot, repaid my winnowing
with units fit for battle: those rabbled hordes
fell in, dressed their ranks, and faces glowing
with combatant pride, preened in new-found power.

Their fatigues are worn but unscruffy, browned
by the dust of many a skirmish; and their insouciance
a badge they flaunt, as only the charmed reckless
do. At rest, a studied languor limns their stance
as they lean against their weapons, clean and speckless:
and when they drill, their boots punish the ground.

This then for you, their patron queen, in whose fond name
they go to war. Like some ancient, remote empress
you’re unmindful of them, their sterling deeds
brought home to you by me, to press
a suit, seek a lover’s favour when your grace recedes;
or sometimes, like now, to expunge a shame.




Blogger Pragya said...

***** - Five stars! Why did you just give yourself 3?

13 January, 2005 09:56  
Blogger John said...

Wonderful, truly classical style! Loved the imagery and the style!


13 January, 2005 17:34  
Blogger a from l said...

Very fine work.

14 January, 2005 20:20  

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