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coffee and pen

15 January, 2005

A Poem on Tissue

I wrote you a poem on tissue
Isn't that the way our love
is too? Like tissue?

White and pure, soft
and delicate?
Soaking our experiences into
its porous fibre
and holding them there to
be cherished?

But let us be wary, darling,
not to overdo it
Lest our tissue soak
up much - too much -
and fall apart
into shreds:
he litter of memories

Day by day, let us
breathe too
and dry our love
that our experiences may hold
more than
just feelings

Let come from it learning:
It's the little spaces that
keep the universe in
One Piece

And our love, transparent
and light, will take us places
on wheels
that turn with
each breath of God -

He knows
how to handle



Blogger Max Babi said...


Rather a good poem with a fragile topic
handled deftly. You could do away with
the last three stanzas -one feels one is
listening to a person with heady feelings
of youth till then, and the last ones hint
at a sense of chronic despair -
that comes as a jolt.

Cheers !

16 January, 2005 09:38  

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