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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

17 January, 2005


i lie here
silent, quiet,
waitingfor what?

i sit here
solitary, pensive, relaxed????
but why?

i wander
here and there, everywhere
in search of?

a shrivelled seed of torpor,
a blob of lifelessness clothed in

a shell of humming activity
and vivacious energy...

run, you madman, run...
race the treadmill to death

stretch your undersized limbs
and expand your man-brain to see

that all is silent
all is dead
all is not what it seems

so where was i?
oh, yes, i remember

i sit here
lifeless, hungry, obese
shamed before the world,
hiding in plain sight..

and laughter..
sometimes mocking, sometimes garruluous
sometimes intimidating, sometimes unnerving

and ridicule...
always deriding, always scornful
always derogatory,
never helpful.

so i slide
and slide
further and further
into the abyss... YIPPEE

and i try to dance
but both my feet are turning left
and nothing is right...