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02 March, 2005

Absinthe 2

don’t drink it!
you say?
don’t drink it?
i say,
i must!
i need to forget
that i’m nothing without him,
that i’m nothing to him,
but the very last number
on his ‘to-do’ list.



Blogger Rhymebawd said...

Err... Why Absinthe? Have you ever had any?

02 March, 2005 11:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps because absinthe was the stupor inducer of choice of so many artistic luminaries: Oscar Wilde, Hemingway, Degas, Manet, Gauguin? Van Gogh, they believe, cut-off his ear in a fit of absinthe intoxication!
Or maybe because absinthe induced epileptic attacks, delirium and hallucinations are just pure joy!

02 March, 2005 20:04  
Blogger Rhymebawd said...

Ah, but there's the hitch. Where does one get to drink absinthe to get rid of all those maybes... to make the poem true?

03 March, 2005 01:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


03 March, 2005 03:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps one imports it from Europe, or perhaps one can distill the Green Fairy in ones own kitchen!

03 March, 2005 06:53  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

tripe? certainly not! 'absinthe' is an extract of wormwood. tripe is somehing else. oh, and if you are commenting on the quality of my work, how can one take you seriously if you continue to hide as 'anomymous'?

03 March, 2005 09:37  
Blogger Rhymebawd said...

AFAIK, absinthe is banned in Europe. I want to try it. Demmit, I knew I should've been born a 100 years ago.

03 March, 2005 11:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh sweetheart, touched a raw nerve, didn't I? Maybe if I manufacture a name and then leave a comment behind, perhaps your lowness would not mind so much?

Do have the grace and dignity to accept comments as they are and dont be so full of yourself that you find it unbearable when anyone bursts your balloon and you scream revenge.

How does it matter to you who I am? All you need to worry about is that I commented on the quality of your work. If you needed only bouquets you should have copied it in pencil in your cursive writing notebook and showed it to Ma and Pa and lil sis, not put up in a writers' blog and solicited comments!

03 March, 2005 11:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my dear ! the last on his
" do " list ..and you still hanker so much, that you need help to forget ? poor you !

03 March, 2005 13:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despo for wormwood extract just because a worm doesnt have time for you ? Figures !

03 March, 2005 16:38  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Hm. Not only anonymous, but monotonously repetitive. That is, if all you anonymice are the same one. (My apologies to the first Anonymous, who i suspect is a different person.)

The screams or revenge you hear reverbrate only in your own head, i'm afraid. You were merely being told (in a fairly civil manner at that, considering you lash out without the courage to sign your name)that your opinions aren't taken seriously when you don't back them up with, at the very least, your identity.

But perhaps, Madam/Sir/Whatever, i do you an injustice, and you have valid, honourable reasons for concealment other than the lack of a spine. My apologies. Let's move on.

Could you tell us, Madam/Sir/Whatever, what, in your erudite opinion, is the problem with the poem? We're here to learn, so we look forward to something a little more helpful than comparisons with intestines.

03 March, 2005 21:07  
Blogger khuto said...

I think this is a bit ridiculous... zigzack - can't we have it so that user's can disable anonymous posts - or disable it altogether - why do we need it at all?

04 March, 2005 15:10  
Blogger JP said...

You actually can disable anonymous comments. Go to your blog control page, click 'Settings', and then 'Comments' and then, for the question 'Who can comment?', choose the option 'Only registered users.'

I just did this on mine - big relief having an anonymouse trap in place.


04 March, 2005 18:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favourite part of the poem was the copyright sign at the end, though I think it was unnecessary. :D

04 March, 2005 20:49  
Blogger Hurree said...

Quick ode to an obviously
green-eyed monster

Anonymous, quit being a hog
(It's terrible manners on a blog)
We, being more polite than you
(Oops, that isn't Anon One, but Anon Two)
Would hesitate to call you a swine.
(Of course, if you possessed a spine
And were neither cowardly, jealous nor sellyfish,
We'd have no hesitation in calling you a jellyfish.)

As it is, back off, and ponder
On the fact that your permanent absinthe
would make my heart MUCH fonder.

05 March, 2005 21:34  
Blogger rats said...

what the hell is going on over here ?

so much venom ? personal attacks ?

whats the hell is going on here ?

05 March, 2005 22:54  

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