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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

06 March, 2005

walk with me

from you i have my golden wings
from you my gilded cage
from you i sing my every song
from you the notes gone wrong

from you i have my every sky
cloudless, blue and clear
from you i have my every storm
from you i have known fear

from you my madness stark and black
from you my madness red
from you tangled ,dark desire
from you my home, my bed

from you i come in pretense,
fake bejewelled, proud, tall
from you i come as you take
just me, shorn of all

from you i didnt know i walked alone
now every step i see
from you i seek little spaces
you walk so close to me



Blogger rats said...

in retrospect, this is rather dreadful.
the rythm has gone haywire, though i did try a diff rhyme scheme in every stanza and a diff metre too ! but then the desire to show off has over-ridden spontaneous verse.

and yes, very deliberately convoluted.

06 March, 2005 19:43  

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