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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

22 April, 2006


"Our love must be inadquate,"
you tell me
"that's why you seek out
other skins
other lusts..."

But what if I tell you how
the day I was born
what an endless greed it was
that came over me
night after night
I puckered my lips
and bawled lustily
for my mother's breast
my face purple
the fevered zest of life
racking my tiny body.

What if I tell you how
even today
this greed courses unbounded
through my veins my gaze my loins
what if I tell you
there is no inadequacy
except in me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, she's right. It's inadequate. Inspired you enough for a good piece of verse though :). All the best!

25 April, 2006 02:23  

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