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coffee and pen

05 April, 2011

CaPoWriMo 2.05

Write a haiku or senryu. 17 syllables exactly.

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Anonymous shweta said...

My eyes drift over

every freckled, stubbled inch

of the face I love.

05 April, 2011 12:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Warm summer past noon,
sleepy hush snapped
by the cicadas' crescendo.

05 April, 2011 15:49  
Blogger Kanna said...

At dusk they pondered
and watched the sun set.
Reflections of a lone soul.

06 April, 2011 20:33  
Anonymous shrutanne said...

Poppy seeds, wicked
scarlet wax, jealous anger
opiate cocoons.

07 April, 2011 11:40  
Blogger Kanna said...

Amidst a myriad hues,
The Ganja blossom.
My answer's colour.

01 May, 2011 22:45  

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