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coffee and pen

09 December, 2004

Bittersweet Bookmarks

You lived
In my eyes
As a traveling teardrop


In your hands
I saw the crochet work
Of love corrupted


Across the room
You stood
Waiting for my words
To roll out the red carpet


The night
Came to pass
In the space
Between our raised eye-brows


The stars
Put to sleep
My passions; reawakened


Sunshine stooped
To enter
Our eyes lowered
In mutual shame


Those words
You dropped
Like coins in a box
Now clink, whenever
I call out your name


These tears
Fall on the floor
And turn into
Letters of love


Let me leave
These words
In your heart
As bookmarks
Of our love




Blogger midinmid said...

Extremely sensitive, delicate and valuable bookmarks for the book of heart. Are you working on perfecting the art of brevity in poetry? You are doing simply superbly. See how miserably I fail. For all these words could I have said, 'incredible'?

09 December, 2004 17:58  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

anil, i feel like a kid in a mithai shop... don't know which i like better (the 'crochet' poem is definitely ras malai and 'coin box' one the gulab jamun) slipping into a diabetic coma right now...

09 December, 2004 19:15  
Blogger Anil said...

mindinmind: Thank you...I'm still trying to get there!

Manisha: Ah you love Ras Malai too...its like my favorite Indian sweet. Ok lets make a future, if and when I find myself in your house for a read-meet then be sure to have some Ras Malai around and I shall try and come up with some verse you like! Deal?

12 December, 2004 01:39  

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