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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

19 December, 2004

Illusions of Reality

Do they really care,
Or are they pretending?
Is this sincerity,
Or are they dissembling?

Is their extreme apathy,
Cloaked in sympathy?
Or have I struck a chord,
Could this be empathy?

Drowning in their shallow depths,
Spouting meaningless sophistry,
Disguising their disinterest,
In cultivated airs of mystery.

All talk, all the time,
Never free from duplicity,
Smoke and mirrors everywhere,
Breathtaking illusions of reality



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Partying, Prags? Nice one! Feel exactly the same!

20 December, 2004 01:01  
Blogger Anil said...

Ah, very good Pragya...liked it a lot perhaps b'cos it echoes some of the thoughts and questions living in my brain!

20 December, 2004 01:19  
Blogger khuto said...

I think this all the time people are wishing you "Have a nice day" and all these other formalities -- somehow, true friendship is hard to develop in these social settings...

20 December, 2004 05:31  
Blogger Max Babi said...

hi Pragya,
Ahem, this is a fundamental problem...
we are unhappy in company, unhappy when
alone : what has gone past us becomes
most precious. They taught us side-vision
in astronomy : when you can't see a faint
star or a nebula, don't look straight, and
you will see better! This applies to driving
cars in fast traffic too.
Write a poem on this realization?
cheers !

20 December, 2004 11:30  
Blogger sunil said...

Nice poem, Pragya. Very keen and sensitive observations! I feel these poems may one day provide you with great stuff and ambience for some of your story plots or novel, if it ever comes to that. 'Frigid Solitude', 'Dreaded Destination', 'Outsider Asked In', and 'Wonder', all these are a sort of comment on the contemporary life and of course, on the society we live in.

Incidentally, I misread the penultimate line, as 'smoke on mirrors everywhere (instead of 'and')' and thought it could impart another dimension to the meaning. Keep going.

20 December, 2004 14:52  

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