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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

08 February, 2005


If I say, I am not yours
- not yours without a bar -
will you be mine?

If I come to you, set up home,
but retreat to a tower,
will you be mine?

If I fail you - time and time again;
If I fail to convincingly explain....
If I talk too little, dance too wild,
sleep too long, howl like a child -
will you be mine?

If I say, I am yours: but not yours alone,
will you stay mine?
If I destroy the promise, and cannot atone,
will you stay mine?

If I insist on being me,
but also refuse to set you free.

If I want more than 'you, just you' -
If I am tempted by two or three, or a few?

If I can bring so little, you starve
for want of trust;
If I were to carve
a crescent of eternal misgiving
in your head....
If I bury my past,
then raise the dead -
will you? could you? would you still be mine?

After very long... so, let's hear what the blog thinks.
(C) Annie Zaidi, January 2005.



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

This is wonderful! And a fine comeback offering!

08 February, 2005 21:46  
Blogger khuto said...

Right away I started reading
this from I thought - hah - who could
this be - this is a brilliant voice - or is it
Manisha Lakhe - and then I moved down to
your name and read it again...

But alas... this is such an unfair poem - life can
never run so inequitably, can it...

Greed creates its own bounds
And itself breaks through them
A touch, an embrace,
A kiss stolen under hovering eyes
Become memory.

09 February, 2005 11:29  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

sigh! annie...khuto is right, see, he says 'this is a brilliant voice OR is it manisha lakhe!'...alas, one part of me wishes this were a slip on his part, and he meant 'brilliant voice of' instead of 'or', but i know, i could never write as well as you! so thank you for writing!

09 February, 2005 17:56  
Blogger sunilrnair said...

yes annie! to all those questions. anyone who know you would say yes.

10 February, 2005 09:10  

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