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06 April, 2011

CaPoWriMo 2.06

Write a sports poem. You can either describe a match or dedicate it to a sporting idol or player.

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Blogger Shweta said...

A speck of stillness in a clamorous wave
The nucleus in a gladiatorial enclave
The rush of blood on an electric day
The panacea that laps our troubles away

The silence amidst the cacophonous roar
The poise that makes our hearts soar
Our man, our God, in a ring of 11 foes
While he is at the forefront, they'll be on their toes

To him we pray, for him we pray
The mortal God- Oh that he stays
at the crease, with that impeccable calm
That soothes our nerves, he is our balm.

This one-man army is actually a billion-strong
For, with him, he always carries along
Our hopes, our dreams, our grandiose plans,
Sachin, oh Tendlya, you're always our man.

07 April, 2011 04:17  
Blogger nutty said... on The Match

14 April, 2011 18:00  
Anonymous shrutanne said...

(on sport)

I could sport a new look

hippie clothes, a trendy bag

I could be sportive and sport

a beard, or a moustache

a sarong, a kimono, a feather in my cap

ridicule me, make sport of me

I would be sporting and take it in play

I could ride hobby horses and rocking horses

But from a sportfield I'd run away!

06 May, 2011 11:23  

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